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Filling that Page

So this is it, my brand new blog. I've pondered doing this for years, but I never found the courage to start one. I am planning to post on political topics, net-activism, privacy, surveillance, security and all that; stuff that's painfully obvious and yet people fail to step that crucial step back and see the big picture.

I have absolutely no idea how active I will be. Most probably, the post rate will be like one per half year or so. It takes time until I have formed what I consider a well-thought opinion. Who knows. I don't want to just reiterate what the blogstablishment already said, so if you want to read more, check out some of my favourite on-topic blog sources:

I like blogs where you can't take everything for real, blogs that force you to form your own opinion about things simply because they may contain odd, almost heretic posts. Some of them are like this, and I won't tell you which ones. Think!

Some technical notes:

This blog is bilingual German-English with preference for English if applicable.

There is no comments section. I do know comments are the salt of the blogosphere's earth, but I am not able to shepherd my comment section as German law would require me to. Maybe I will change my mind later, who knows.

There is no RSS feed. This will be fixed some day.

This blog software is handmade and will be published as open source software some day somewhere else.

Consider all this beta quality, I'm totally new to blogging. In case of trouble, feel free to contact me at blog@garni.ch.

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